Definition & Meaning of "REFL"

What does refl mean? View the definition of refl and all related slang terms containing refl below:

refl :
rolling on the floor laughing

Usage of REFL

The abbreviation REFL is a popular text language abbreviation that means 'rolling on the floor laughing'. It is used to convey a sense of strong amusement or humor in response to something funny or entertaining. The phrase "rolling on the floor laughing" is often used to express an extreme level of hilarity, and is intended to communicate just how funny something is.

Examples of REFL used in texting:
1. "OMG that meme you sent me was hilarious, I was REFL for like 5 minutes straight!" (Example of REFL used in texting)
2. "My friend told me the funniest joke last night and I couldn't stop REFL-ing until I fell asleep" (Example of REFL used in texting)
3. "I just watched the blooper reel from that movie we saw and I'm still REFL-ing about it, my stomach hurts!" (Example of REFL used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "refl"

refl :
rolling on the floor laughing

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