Definition & Meaning of "QQ"

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qq :
crying eyes

Usage of QQ

The abbreviation QQ is an emoticon that signifies crying eyes. It is commonly used in text messages, social media posts, and emails to express sadness or disappointment. The letters "q" and "q" resemble closed eyes with tears streaming down the face, often used to convey that the writer is crying or upset.

Example 1:
Person 1: "I can't believe she broke up with me"
Person 2: "I'm so sorry to hear that QQ"

Example 2:
Person 1: "Did you hear about the cancelled concert?"
Person 2: "Yeah, QQ I was really looking forward to it"

Example 3:
Person 1: "My dog passed away last night"
Person 2: "Oh no, QQ he was such a good boy"

Examples of QQ used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "qq"

qq :
crying eyes

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