Definition & Meaning of "QOTY"

What does qoty mean? View the definition of qoty and all related slang terms containing qoty below:

qoty :
quote of the year

Usage of QOTY

QOTY is an abbreviation used in texting that stands for "quote of the year." It is a phrase used to describe a particularly memorable or impactful quote, statement, or moment that occurred or was said during the year. It could be something humorous, inspirational, or thought-provoking that stayed with people long after it was initially spoken or written.

Examples of QOTY used in texting:

1. "Did you hear what the President said last night? That's definitely my QOTY of 2021."
2. "I just read this amazing book and there was one line in particular that really stood out to me. It's my personal QOTY for this year."
3. "My best friend said something to me the other day that really hit home. It's my QOTY for sure."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "qoty"

qoty :
quote of the year

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