Definition & Meaning of "PMSFL"

What does pmsfl mean? View the definition of pmsfl and all related slang terms containing pmsfl below:

pmsfl :
Pissed Myself f**king Laughing

Usage of PMSFL

PMSFL is an abbreviation that stands for 'Pissed Myself f**king Laughing', meaning something was so funny that it was almost too funny to handle. The phrase is usually an expression of extreme amusement and is often used in text messages and other forms of digital communication.

Sample Text Messages:

1. Just watched the funniest video ever. PMSFL!
2. Last night's party was off the hook. I was PMSFL the whole time.
3. My co-worker just cracked the funniest joke. I was PMSFL!!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "pmsfl"

pmsfl :
Pissed Myself f**king Laughing

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