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plse :

Usage of PLSE

The abbreviation 'PLSE' stands for 'please' and is commonly used as an abbreviation when texting. It is a polite and courteous way to ask for something or to express a request in a concise manner. Using 'PLSE' instead of writing out 'please' can also save time and effort when sending a message.

Examples of PLSE used in texting:
1. Can you PLSE pick up some milk on your way home? (Example of PLSE used in a request)
2. PLSE let me know if you're free for lunch tomorrow. (Example of PLSE used in asking for information)
3. I'm sorry, I can't make it to the meeting today. PLSE give my regards to everyone. (Example of PLSE used in expressing politeness)

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plse :

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