Definition & Meaning of "PHREAKER"

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phreaker :
phone hacker


A PHREAKER is someone who uses technology and phone systems to gain unauthorized access to phone networks, make free calls or disrupt communication services. Essentially, a PHREAKER is a phone hacker who manipulates the phone system to their advantage. They can use various techniques to exploit vulnerabilities in the phone network infrastructure, including bypassing security measures, tampering with hardware or software, and rerouting calls. The term phreaking was coined in the 1970s when phone systems were still evolving and became popular among hackers who wanted to explore the capabilities of the phone network beyond its intended use.

Examples of PHREAKER used in texting:

1. "My cousin is a PHREAKER, he can unlock any locked phone."
2. "I read an article about a notorious PHREAKER who hacked into a major telecommunication network."
3. "Be careful not to fall victim to phreakers who try to trick you into giving them your personal information over the phone."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "phreaker"

phreaker :
phone hacker

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