Definition & Meaning of "OTOH"

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otoh :
on the other hand

Usage of OTOH

The abbreviation OTOH is commonly used in written communication as an abbreviation for the phrase "on the other hand". It is a way of introducing an opposing or contrasting point of view to a previous statement or idea. This phrase is often used to express balance and provide a different perspective to a situation.

Examples of OTOH used in texting:
1. I really want to go out tonight and have some fun! OTOH, I also have a lot of work to catch up on. (Example of OTOH used to introduce a contrasting point)
2. The new restaurant in town has great reviews! OTOH, it's always really busy and hard to get a reservation. (Example of OTOH used to express a different perspective)
3. I love the idea of going to the beach this weekend! OTOH, the weather forecast doesn't look great, it might rain all weekend. (Example of OTOH used to introduce an opposing point)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "otoh"

botoh :
but on the other hand
otoh :
on the other hand

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