Definition & Meaning of "OSD"

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osd :
On Screen Display

Usage of OSD

On Screen Display (OSD) is a feature on electronic devices that displays various information on the screen such as volume levels, brightness, resolution, and other settings. Usually, OSD appears as an overlay on the screen and it can be controlled using buttons or a remote control. OSD is commonly used in monitors, televisions, projectors, and other display devices.

Examples of OSD used in texting:
1. Can you adjust the volume on the TV? Just press the OSD button on the remote and it will show up.
2. The OSD on my laptop is not working properly, I can't change the brightness level.
3. Hey, have you figured out how to turn off the OSD on the projector during presentations? It's quite distracting.

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Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "osd"

osd :
On Screen Display
sosdd :
same old s**t, different day

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