Definition & Meaning of "ONUD"

What does onud mean? View the definition of onud and all related slang terms containing onud below:

onud :
oh no you didn't

Usage of ONUD

The abbreviation ONUD stands for "oh no, you didn't". It is typically used to express disbelief or shock when someone has done something unexpected or inappropriate. It can also be used in a playful or teasing way among friends.

Examples of ONUD used in texting:

1. "ONUD! Did you really just eat the last slice of pizza without asking?"
2. "OMG, ONUD! Did you see what Karen posted on Instagram?!"
3. "Haha, ONUD you're such a prankster. That fake spider scared the life out of me!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "onud"

onud :
oh no you didn't

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