Definition & Meaning of "ONOZ"

What does onoz mean? View the definition of onoz and all related slang terms containing onoz below:

onoz :
oh no

Usage of ONOZ

The abbreviation ONOZ is a shorthand way of expressing the phrase 'oh no'. It is commonly used in texting and online messaging to convey a sense of disappointment, concern, or surprise. People often use it when they have received bad news or when something unexpected has happened.

Examples of ONOZ used in texting:

1. Example of ONOZ used in texting: "I just realized I left my phone at home. ONOZ, how am I going to survive the day without it? 😱"
2. Example of ONOZ used in texting: "ONOZ, I completely forgot about the deadline for that paper! Thanks for reminding me, I owe you one 🙏🏼"
3. Example of ONOZ used in texting: "I just got an alert that my flight has been cancelled due to bad weather. ONOZ, this is going to mess up my whole travel plan 😔"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "onoz"

onoz :
oh no

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