Definition & Meaning of "OMY"

What does omy mean? View the definition of omy and all related slang terms containing omy below:

omy :
oh my!

Usage of OMY

The abbreviation OMY is a short form of the expression 'Oh my!'. It is a common exclamation used when someone is surprised, shocked or overwhelmed by something. It's often used in casual conversation, both in person and in text messages. People use it to express their emotions and share their reactions to various situations. The abbreviation is widely popular in texting and social media platforms as it saves time, and it's easy to type.

Examples of OMY used in texting:

1. Friend: I just heard that we have an exam tomorrow.
You: OMY! I haven't even started studying yet.

2. Friend: Look at this picture of my new puppy.
You: OMY! He's so adorable!

3. Friend: Did you hear that our school team won the championship?
You: OMY! That's amazing news!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "omy"

lomy :
love of my life
omy :
oh my!

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