Definition & Meaning of "OMMFG"

What does ommfg mean? View the definition of ommfg and all related slang terms containing ommfg below:

ommfg :
oh my mother f**king god

Usage of OMMFG

The abbreviation OMMFG is used to express extreme surprise, shock, or disbelief. It stands for “oh my mother f**king god”, and is often used in informal conversations or online chatting. It is considered a vulgar expression and is not appropriate for formal or professional settings.

Examples of OMMFG used in texting:

1. Text message to a friend: "Did you hear about that crazy party last night? OMMFG, it was insane!"

2. Text message to a family member: "I just won a thousand dollars on a scratch-off ticket. OMMFG, I can't believe it!"

3. Text message to a significant other: "You got us front-row tickets to see our favorite band? OMMFG, you're the best!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ommfg"

ommfg :
oh my mother f**king god

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