Definition & Meaning of "OML"

What does oml mean? View the definition of oml and all related slang terms containing oml below:

oml :
Oh my lord

Usage of OML

The abbreviation OML is a popular abbreviation used in texting and social media platforms, meaning 'Oh my lord'. When someone is surprised, shocked, or amazed by something, they might use the expression OML to convey their emotions.

Examples of OML used in texting:
1. "OML, have you seen the new trailer for the upcoming movie? It's amazing!"
2. "I just won the lottery! OML, I can't believe it!"
3. "OML, did you hear about Sarah? She got into Harvard! She's so smart!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "oml"

goml :
get out of my life
loml :
love of my life
Oml :
Oh my lord
soml :
story of my life
sooml :
stay out of my lane
suagooml :
shut up and get out of my life

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