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of10 :

Usage of OF10

The abbreviation OF10 stands for "often," which means that something happens frequently or on a regular basis. For example, if someone says "I OF10 go running in the morning," it means that they go running regularly, probably most days of the week. OF10 can be used to convey both positive and negative habits or behaviors, depending on the context.

Examples of OF10 used in texting:

1) Hey, are you free to hang out tonight? I OF10 have plans with my other friends but I'll let you know if they fall through. (Example OF10 used to convey a frequently occurring event or activity)

2) Sorry if I'm not responding right away, I'm in class rn and we OF10 have to keep our phones on silent. (Example OF10 used to explain a common occurrence or rule)

3) My little brother OF10 copies everything I do, it's so annoying! (Example OF10 used to express frustration over a recurring behavior)

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of10 :

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