Definition & Meaning of "O4B"

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o4b :
Open for business

Usage of O4B

The abbreviation O4B stands for 'Open for business'. This phrase indicates that a particular establishment or individual is available and ready to conduct business with potential customers or clients. It is often used in online and mobile communication platforms such as texting and social media to inform others about the status of their availability to do business.

Example of O4B used in texting 1:
Hi there! Just wanted to let you know that our shop is O4B and ready to take your orders today.

Example of O4B used in texting 2:
Good morning! I have some free time this afternoon, so I'll be O4B to discuss the project details if you're available.

Example of O4B used in texting 3:
Hey! I'm planning to stop by your café soon. Can you confirm if you're O4B at this hour?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "o4b"

o4b :
Open for business

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