Definition & Meaning of "NOLM"

What does nolm mean? View the definition of nolm and all related slang terms containing nolm below:

nolm :
No one loves me

Usage of NOLM

The abbreviation NOLM is used to communicate the feeling of loneliness and the belief that nobody cares about you or loves you. It is often used by individuals who are feeling depressed and isolated, and who may be seeking reassurance or comfort from others.

Example of NOLM used in texting:

1. Person A: "I've been feeling really down lately."
Person B: "Why is that?"
Person A: "Just feel like NOLM sometimes."

2. Person A: "I'm thinking of deleting my social media."
Person B: "Why's that?"
Person A: "Seeing everyone else's posts just reminds me of how NOLM I am."

3. Person A: "I didn't get invited to the party."
Person B: "That sucks, why not?"
Person A: "I don't know, just another reminder that I'm NOLM."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "nolm"

nolm :
No one loves me

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