Definition & Meaning of "NMHU"

What does nmhu mean? View the definition of nmhu and all related slang terms containing nmhu below:

nmhu :
nothing much here, you?

Usage of NMHU

The abbreviation NMHU is used primarily in texting and online messaging to convey that there is nothing significant or noteworthy happening at the moment. It is often used as a way to politely acknowledge a message from someone without going into too much detail about what you are currently up to. The phrase is short and easy to type, making it a popular choice for quick and casual conversations.

Examples of NMHU used in texting:
1. Person A: Hey, what's up?
Person B: NMHU, you?

2. Person A: How's your day going?
Person B: NMHU, just hanging out at home. You?

3. Person A: What are you doing tonight?
Person B: NMHU, probably just watching some TV. How about you?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "nmhu"

nmhu :
nothing much here, you?

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