Definition & Meaning of "NCS"

What does ncs mean? View the definition of ncs and all related slang terms containing ncs below:

ncs :
no crap sherlock

Usage of NCS

The abbreviation NCS is an informal expression used to sarcastically relay the assertion of an obvious point that does not require any investigative skills or deep thinking. It is usually used to indicate that the information being shared is not new or surprising at all.

Examples of NCS used in texting:

1. Friend 1: "Did you know that the sky is blue?"
Friend 2: "NCS, it's like you just discovered America."

2. Colleague 1: "I heard that the meeting got canceled."
Colleague 2: "NCS, we've been waiting for this news for hours now."

3. Family member 1: "I'm so tired after a long day of work."
Family member 2: "NCS, it's called a good work ethic and it pays off."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ncs"

ncs :
no crap sherlock
prncss :

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