Definition & Meaning of "N00BS"

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Usage of N00BS

The term "N00BS" is an internet slang term that refers to individuals who are new to a particular community, activity, or game. It is commonly used to describe someone who lacks knowledge, experience, or skills in a given field. The term is derived from "newbie," which is a term used to refer to someone who is new to internet culture, gaming, or computer technology.

Examples of N00BS used in texting:
1. Example of N00BS used in texting: Hey, did you see that n00b struggling to play Fortnite yesterday?
2. Example of N00BS used in texting: I am tired of playing with N00BS who don't know how to play Team Deathmatch.
3. Example of N00BS used in texting: Don't be a n00b, make sure to read the instructions first before starting the game.

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n00bs :

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