Definition & Meaning of "LMMFFAO"

What does lmmffao mean? View the definition of lmmffao and all related slang terms containing lmmffao below:

lmmffao :
laughing my mother f**king fat ass off

Usage of LMMFFAO

The abbreviation LMMFFAO is mostly used in texting or online communication as an informal way to express extreme amusement. It stands for "laughing my mother f**king fat ass off." This is a crude and vulgar phrase that is not appropriate for formal or professional settings. However, it is commonly used among friends who share a similar sense of humor and are comfortable using this type of language.

Examples of LMMFFAO used in texting:

1) Friend 1: "I just saw a cat wearing a bow tie on my way to work haha"
Friend 2: "LMMFFAO! That's hilarious!"

2) Person A: "Did you see that video of the guy slipping on the banana peel?"
Person B: "Yes! LMMFFAO! I watched it like five times!"

3) Group chat:
Friend 1: "I just found out that Karen got fired from her job"
Friend 2: "LMMFFAO, she finally got what she deserved"
Friend 3: "Guys, that's not funny. Let's not kick someone when they're down."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "lmmffao"

lmmffao :
laughing my mother f**king fat ass off

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