Definition & Meaning of "LLAP"

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llap :
live long and prosper

Usage of LLAP

The abbreviation "LLAP" stands for "live long and prosper." It is a famous quote from the famous sci-fi franchise Star Trek, which is often used as a way to express good wishes for someone's long and happy life. The phrase is typically accompanied by a hand gesture, the Vulcan salute, which involves raising the index and middle fingers in a V shape. The phrase has become popularized and frequently used in pop culture, especially in the world of science fiction fandom.

Examples of LLAP used in texting:
1) Hey, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday! LLAP!
2) Good luck on your exam today. LLAP!
3) I heard you're going on a trip. Have fun and LLAP!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "llap"

llap :
live long and prosper

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