Definition & Meaning of "KUHL"

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kuhl :

Usage of KUHL

The slang term "KUHL" is a variation of the word "cool" and is used to express admiration or approval for something or someone. It's a casual way of saying that something is interesting or impressive, without being too formal or serious. The term is often used in text messaging or social media to express positive feelings, particularly among young people.

Examples of KUHL used in texting:

1. "Just got tickets to see my favorite band live, KUHL!"
2. "Your new haircut is KUHL, it really suits you."
3. "I can't believe we're going to Hawaii for vacation, KUHL!"

All these examples demonstrate how someone might use the term "KUHL" to express excitement or enthusiasm about something. Using abbreviations like this is common in texting and social media, as it's a quick and easy way to communicate a message without the need for long explanations or sentences.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "kuhl"

kuhl :

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