Definition & Meaning of "KOL"

What does kol mean? View the definition of kol and all related slang terms containing kol below:

kol :
kiss on lips

Usage of KOL

The abbreviation KOL stands for "Kiss on Lips" and is typically used as an expression of affection or as a flirtatious gesture. It is often used in romantic relationships or in situations where two people are interested in each other.

Example 1 of KOL used in texting:
Person 1: "Hey, I had a great time with you tonight ;)"
Person 2: "Me too, KOL"

Example 2 of KOL used in texting:
Person 1: "I can't stop thinking about our last date"
Person 2: "KOL, can't wait to see you again"

Example 3 of KOL used in texting:
Person 1: "I miss you so much"
Person 2: "KOL, wish you were here with me"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "kol"

kol :
kiss on lips

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