Definition & Meaning of "IYO"

What does iyo mean? View the definition of iyo and all related slang terms containing iyo below:

iyo :
in your opinion

Usage of IYO

IYO is an abbreviation used in texting that means 'in your opinion'. It is used when someone wants to know someone else's perspective or viewpoint on a particular matter. This abbreviation is commonly used in online discussions, social media platforms, and messaging apps.


1) Person A: "What do you think about the new movie that just came out?"
Person B: "I haven't seen it yet, IYO, is it worth watching?"

2) Person A: "Do you think we should have a party this weekend?"
Person B: "IYO, I think we should wait until next weekend when more people can come"

3) Person A: "What's your opinion on the new dress I bought?"
Person B: "IYO, it looks great on you, you should definitely wear it to the party tonight"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iyo"

iyo :
in your opinion

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