Definition & Meaning of "IYDMMA"

What does iydmma mean? View the definition of iydmma and all related slang terms containing iydmma below:

iydmma :
if you don't mind me asking

Usage of IYDMMA

The abbreviation "IYDMMA" is commonly used in texting and online messages to politely ask a question. It stands for "if you don't mind me asking" and is a way for the sender to request information without being too pushy or impolite.

Examples of IYDMMA used in texting:
1) Hey, IYDMMA, how much did you pay for your new laptop?
2) IYDMMA, do you know if the restaurant we're going to has vegetarian options?
3) Just being curious, IYDMMA, how did you and your significant other meet?

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iydmma"

iydmma :
if you don't mind me asking

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