Definition & Meaning of "ISO"

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iso :
In Search Of

Usage of ISO

The abbreviation ISO is commonly used in text messaging to mean "In Search Of". This can refer to a specific item, service or even a person. By using ISO, the person texting is indicating that they are actively looking for something and are seeking assistance or advice from the person they are texting.

Examples of ISO used in texting:

1. Hey! I'm ISO a good pizza place for tonight's dinner. Any recommendations?
2. ISO a new gym to join. Any suggestions in the downtown area?
3. My friend is having a birthday party next week and I'm ISO a gift to get her. Any ideas?

All three of these text messages demonstrate how ISO can be used to indicate that the person is searching for something and is requesting help or guidance from the person they are texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iso"

iso :
In Search Of

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