Definition & Meaning of "IRHTGTTBR"

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irhtgttbr :
I really have to go to the bathroom


The abbreviation 'IRHTGTTBR' is commonly used in texting to convey the message 'I really have to go to the bathroom.' It is mostly used in situations where you are in a hurry or cannot talk for long. This abbreviation is convenient to use when texting with friends, family or colleagues. It is also a discreet way of communicating your needs without having to explicitly state them.

Example 1:
Friend 1: Hey dude, wanna hang out later today?
Friend 2: Sure, sounds good. But IRHTGTTBR, can we meet up in an hour?

Example 2:
Mom: How's work going sweetie?
Son: Hey mom, it's busy today, but IRHTGTTBR, can I call you back tonight?

Example 3:
Colleague 1: Did you get the report I sent you?
Colleague 2: Yes, I did. Sorry, I didn't reply earlier. I was in a meeting and IRHTGTTBR. Can we go over it after lunch?

(Examples of IRHTGTTBR used in texting)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "irhtgttbr"

irhtgttbr :
I really have to go to the bathroom

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