Definition & Meaning of "INMP"

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inmp :
it's not my problem

Usage of INMP

The abbreviation INMP is commonly used in texting and social media to convey the message 'it's not my problem'. It is often used when someone tries to push their problems or responsibilities onto someone else. By using INMP, the person is stating that they are not responsible for whatever issue is being brought to their attention and are therefore not obligated to help or intervene. This abbreviation is often used in a dismissive or sarcastic tone and can be seen as rude or insensitive depending on the context.

Example 1 of INMP used in texting:

Person A: Can you finish my homework for me?
Person B: Sorry, but INMP.

Example 2 of INMP used in texting:

Person A: I lost my phone, can you help me find it?
Person B: That's really unfortunate, but INMP.

Example 3 of INMP used in texting:

Person A: The party got out of hand and the place was trashed.
Person B: Wow, that sucks but INMP.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "inmp"

inmp :
it's not my problem

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