Definition & Meaning of "IIOK"

What does iiok mean? View the definition of iiok and all related slang terms containing iiok below:

iiok :
is it okay

Usage of IIOK

The abbreviation IIOK stands for 'is it okay.' This slang is often used in texting to ask for permission, approval, or confirmation from the receiver. It is a faster way to get an answer than typing out the full phrase "is it okay" every time. IIOK is a widely used abbreviation in modern communication.

Examples of IIOK used in texting:

1. Hi, I'm planning to stay out late tonight. IIOK with you?
2. I just ordered a pizza for us. IIOK if I add mushrooms to it?
3. Hey, I'm going to change our meeting time to 3 pm. IIOK with you?

These three sample text messages show how IIOK can be used to ask for permission or confirmation in different contexts. It is a quick way to communicate and get an immediate response during a conversation.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "iiok"

iiok :
is it okay

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