Definition & Meaning of "IHYA"

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ihya :
i hate you all

Usage of IHYA

The abbreviation IHYA is typically used to express that one has contempt or strong feelings of dislike towards a group of people. In particular, it is often used as a way to express animosity towards a group of friends, classmates, or colleagues. It can convey a sense of frustration, anger, or disappointment towards others.

Examples of IHYA used in texting:
1. Friend A: "Hey, did you guys forget about me again?"
Friend B: "Sorry man, I was just really busy today."
Friend C: "Yeah same here, we'll make it up to you."
Response from Friend A: "IHYA, you guys never make time for me."

2. Classmate A: "Hey, did you guys finish the group project?"
Classmate B: "Yeah, we finished it last night, didn't you get my message?"
Response from Classmate A: "Nope, didn't get anything. IHYA, you guys should have told me."

3. Colleague A: "Hey, I noticed you've been slacking off on your work lately."
Colleague B: "What? No I haven't, I've been putting in extra hours."
Colleague A: "Sorry, maybe I'm mistaken then. My bad."
Response from Colleague B: "Yeah, you are mistaken. IHYA, don't accuse me of things without proof."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ihya"

ihya :
i hate you all

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