Definition & Meaning of "IHUSFM"

What does ihusfm mean? View the definition of ihusfm and all related slang terms containing ihusfm below:

ihusfm :
i hate you so f**king much

Usage of IHUSFM

The abbreviation IHUSFM is a derogatory phrase used to express extreme anger or hatred towards someone. It stands for "I hate you so f**king much." The abbreviation is often used in texting and social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook as an abbreviation.

Examples of IHUSFM used in texting:

1) Person A: I can't believe you talked behind my back!
Person B: IHUSFM

2) Person A: Why did you cheat on me?
Person B: Because IHUSFM

3) Person A: I think we should break up.
Person B: Good, IHUSFM anyway.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ihusfm"

ihusfm :
i hate you so f**king much

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