Definition & Meaning of "IH8Y"

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ih8y :
I hate you

Usage of IH8Y

The abbreviation IH8Y is a shorthand way of saying 'I hate you' in texting. This phrase is often used to express extreme displeasure or anger towards someone else. It can be used in a joking or playful manner between close friends, or as a serious expression of dislike or resentment towards someone. In its most negative form, IH8Y can be a hurtful way of attacking someone else or seeking revenge.

Examples of IH8Y used in texting:

1. Friend 1: Hey, did you eat the last slice of pizza?
Friend 2: Yeah, why?
Friend 1: IH8Y!

2. Person A: I can't believe you're dating my ex-boyfriend.
Person B: It's not your business who I date.
Person A: IH8Y!

3. Parent: You're grounded for using your phone too much.
Teenager: This is so unfair! IH8Y!

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ih8y"

ih8y :
I hate you

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