Definition & Meaning of "IH8P"

What does ih8p mean? View the definition of ih8p and all related slang terms containing ih8p below:

ih8p :
I hate parents

Usage of IH8P

The abbreviation IH8P is used as a shorthand expression for the phrase 'I hate parents'. It is often used by teenagers and young adults who are frustrated with their parents for various reasons, such as strict rules, limited freedom or lack of understanding. The phrase can be a form of rebellion against parental authority, or a way to express emotional distress caused by conflicts with parents. While IH8P can be used in a humorous or sarcastic way, it can also indicate genuine resentment or anger towards one's parents.

Examples of IH8P used in texting:
1. "Ugh, my curfew is so early, IH8P!"
2. "My mom won't let me go to the party, IH8P so much right now"
3. "I got grounded again for no reason, IH8P my parents sometimes"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ih8p"

ih8p :
I hate parents

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