Definition & Meaning of "IG5OI"

What does ig5oi mean? View the definition of ig5oi and all related slang terms containing ig5oi below:

ig5oi :
I got 5 on it

Usage of IG5OI

The abbreviation "IG5OI" refers to the phrase "I got 5 on it," which is a slang term used to signify that someone is willing to contribute with five dollars toward something. This phrase is commonly used when people are pooling their money for a particular activity, such as buying concert tickets or ordering pizza.

Examples of IG5OI used in texting:

1. Person A: "Hey, are you coming to the movies tonight?"
Person B: "Yeah, IG5OI for popcorn and soda!"

2. Person A: "I'm thinking about ordering pizza for lunch, anyone want to pitch in?"
Person B: "I got 5 on it!"

3. Person A: "The concert tickets are $25 each, can you guys afford that?"
Person B and C: "Yeah, we can IG5OI!"

Examples of IG5OI used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ig5oi"

ig5oi :
I got 5 on it

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