Definition & Meaning of "IDRGAS"

What does idrgas mean? View the definition of idrgas and all related slang terms containing idrgas below:

idrgas :
i dont really give a s**t

Usage of IDRGAS

The abbreviation IDRGAS is a popular way of expressing a lack of interest or indifference towards something. The phrase 'i dont really give a s**t' is abbreviated to IDRGAS as a quick and easy way of conveying the meaning without having to type out the entire phrase. This abbreviation is often used in casual conversations, especially in text messaging, to express a lack of concern or interest towards something that someone else may be talking about.

Examples of IDRGAS used in texting:
1. Friend: "Hey did you hear about the new restaurant that just opened up?"
You: "IDRGAS, I'm not really into trying new places."

2. Friend: "I can't believe I failed that test"
You: "IDRGAS, you can always retake it."

3. Friend: "I'm so excited for this weekend!"
You: "IDRGAS, I have plans already."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "idrgas"

idrgas :
i dont really give a s**t

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