Definition & Meaning of "IDGAD"

What does idgad mean? View the definition of idgad and all related slang terms containing idgad below:

idgad :
I don't give a damn

Usage of IDGAD

The abbreviation IDGAD is commonly used in texting to express a complete disregard for a particular situation or topic. It stands for "I don't give a damn." This phrase signifies a complete lack of interest, indifference, or apathy towards the matter being discussed. It is a casual way of expressing that the individual does not care about the topic at hand and does not wish to continue discussing it.

Examples of IDGAD used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "Dude, did you hear that the new iPhone is coming out next week?"
Friend 2: "IDGAD, I'm happy with my old one."
2. Parent: "Did you remember to take out the trash before leaving the house?"
Teenager: "IDGAD, someone else can do it."
3. Coworker 1: "We have to work overtime this weekend."
Coworker 2: "IDGAD, I'm not getting paid enough for this."

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "idgad"

idgad :
I don't give a damn

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