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Usage of ID10T

The abbreviation ID10T is a tech-savvy way of referring to someone as an idiot, without using the actual word. This abbreviation is commonly used in texting and online communication to express frustration, annoyance or disapproval towards someone who has done something foolish or who is acting in a way that is perceived as stupid. The term ID10T is meant to be humorous and less confrontational than using the actual word 'idiot'.

Here are three examples of ID10T being used in texting:

Example 1:
Friend 1: "I just deleted all my files by accident."
Friend 2: "You're such an ID10T."

Example 2:
Co-worker 1: "I accidentally sent the wrong email to the boss."
Co-worker 2: "Wow, nice going ID10T."

Example 3:
Sibling 1: "I forgot the keys in the car."
Sibling 2: "You're such an ID10T, now we have to call mom for help."

Examples of ID10T used in texting.

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id10t :

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