Definition & Meaning of "IANABS"

What does ianabs mean? View the definition of ianabs and all related slang terms containing ianabs below:

ianabs :
I am not a brain surgeon

Usage of IANABS

The abbreviation IANABS is used to convey the message that the person speaking is not an expert in a particular field or is not knowledgeable about a specific topic. The phrase 'brain surgeon' is often used as an example of a highly specialized and complex profession. Therefore, using IANABS expresses the sentiment that the speaker is not claiming to have expertise in a certain area.

Examples of IANABS used in texting:

1. Person A: Do you know how to fix my bike chain?

Person B: Sorry, IANABS. Maybe try looking up some tutorials online?

2. Person A: Can you explain to me how to solve this calculus problem?

Person B: I wish I could, but IANABS. Maybe check with the math tutor at school?

3. Person A: Do you know how to play the guitar solo for this song?

Person B: Nope, IANABS. I'm more of a piano player.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "ianabs"

ianabs :
I am not a brain surgeon

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