Definition & Meaning of "HMOJ"

What does hmoj mean? View the definition of hmoj and all related slang terms containing hmoj below:

hmoj :
holy mother of jesus

Usage of HMOJ

The abbreviation "HMOJ" is a shorthand way of saying "holy mother of Jesus." It's a common expression used to express a feeling of shock or amazement. It can also be used to express extreme disbelief or disbelief in something someone just said. This abbreviation is frequently used in texting or online chat, where people often try to keep their messages short and to the point.

Examples of HMOJ used in texting:
1. "Did you see the size of that spider? HMOJ, it was huge!"
2. "I just found out I won the lottery! HMOJ, I can't believe it!"
3. "HMOJ, I can't believe you're still up at 3 am studying. Get some sleep!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "hmoj"

hmoj :
holy mother of jesus

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