Definition & Meaning of "HIJACK"

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hijack :
start an off topic discussion

Usage of HIJACK

The term HIJACK is often used in online discussions and group chats to refer to the act of starting an off-topic discussion. When someone hijacks a conversation, they shift the focus away from the original topic and onto something else entirely. This can be frustrating for others in the conversation who were invested in the original topic or who feel like their time is being wasted on irrelevant conversation. In some cases, hijacking a conversation can be unintentional, but in other cases, it might be done intentionally to derail or disrupt the discussion.

Examples of HIJACK used in texting:
1. Friend 1: Did you guys see that new movie that came out last night? I heard it's really good.
Friend 2: Yeah, I did. It was amazing!
Person 3: Speaking of movies, have you guys seen this random YouTube video I found? It's hilarious!
Friend 1: Hey, Person 3, can we not HIJACK the conversation? We were talking about the new movie, not random YouTube videos.
Example of HIJACK used in texting.

2. Colleague 1: Hey everyone, I need help with this project. Has anyone worked on something similar before?
Colleague 2: Yeah, I have some experience with that. What do you need help with?
Person 3: Speaking of projects, did you guys see the memo that went out about the new company policies?
Colleague 1: Person 3, can we stay on topic please? We're trying to discuss this project.
Example of HIJACK used in texting.

3. Friend 1: Hey guys, what should we do for our friend's birthday next week?
Friend 2: We could go out to dinner or plan a surprise party.
Person 3: Speaking of surprises, did I tell you about the time I planned a surprise party for my mom and she hated it?
Friend 1: Person 3, can you not HIJACK the conversation? We're trying to plan something for our friend's birthday.
Example of HIJACK used in texting.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "hijack"

hijack :
start an off topic discussion

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