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hella :

Usage of HELLA

The word "HELLA" is a slang term commonly used in American English and comes from the words "hell of a lot". It is typically used to describe something or someone as "very" or "extremely" in a casual conversation. This term is primarily used in the western United States, particularly in California and the Pacific Northwest. It can be used in both positive and negative contexts, depending on the situation.

Examples of HELLA used in texting:
1) "Yo, that party last night was HELLA fun!" (Translation: "The party last night was very fun!")
2) "I'm HELLA tired from staying up late studying." (Translation: "I'm extremely tired from staying up late studying.")
3) "I just had HELLA pizza for dinner." (Translation: "I just had a lot of pizza for dinner.")

Examples of HELLA used in texting:
1) "Can you bring HELLA chips to the party?" (Translation: "Can you bring a lot of chips to the party?")
2) "My mom is HELLA strict about curfew." (Translation: "My mom is very strict about curfew.")
3) "I'm HELLA excited to see you tonight!" (Translation: "I'm extremely excited to see you tonight!")

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