Definition & Meaning of "HAXORZ"

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haxorz :

Usage of HAXORZ

HAXORZ is an abbreviation that is mostly used in the online gaming community to refer to hackers. These are individuals who use their computer skills to break into computer systems and networks with malicious intent. The term is often used to describe individuals who cheat in online games or modify game code to gain an unfair advantage over other players.

Examples of HAXORZ used in texting:

1. Hey, have you heard about the new game update? I hope they have fixed the security issues, so the HAXORZ won't ruin the game again. (Example of HAXORZ used in texting)

2. I was playing Counter-Strike last night when this HAXORZ joined the game and ruined everything. It's so frustrating! (Example of HAXORZ used in texting)

3. My friend thinks he is a HAXORZ, and he can hack into anything. But I think he is just trying to impress us with his computer skills. (Example of HAXORZ used in texting)

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haxorz :

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