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Usage of H8T3R

The slang term H8T3R is an abbreviation for the word 'hater,' which refers to a person who dislikes or criticizes others for no valid reason. Haters often express their negativity in various ways, such as by leaving hurtful comments online or spreading rumors about someone. H8T3R is a popular term used in texting and social media, mainly by younger generations, to refer to someone who seems to be criticizing or judging others unnecessarily.

Examples of H8T3R used in texting:

1. Person A: Did you see what John wrote on my Facebook post?
Person B: Yeah, he's such a H8T3R.

2. Person A: Why do people always have to be so negative?
Person B: Don't worry about them, they're just h8t3rs.

3. Person A: I can't believe she said that about me.
Person B: Ignore her, she's just a H8T3R trying to bring you down.

(Examples of H8T3R used in texting)

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h8t3r :

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