Definition & Meaning of "H8T0R"

What does h8t0r mean? View the definition of h8t0r and all related slang terms containing h8t0r below:

h8t0r :

Usage of H8T0R

The term H8T0R is an abbreviation for 'hater'. It is commonly used to refer to someone who expresses negative feelings, criticisms or disapprovals towards someone or something. Haters are often jealous, insecure or unhappy with their own lives and try to bring others down. They can be found in all walks of life, including social media platforms, where they may hide behind anonymous usernames to spread hateful comments.

Examples of H8T0R used in texting:

1. 'I posted a picture of my new car on Instagram and immediately got a ton of hate comments from h8t0rs.'
2. 'Don't pay attention to the h8t0rs, they're just jealous of your success.'
3. 'I hate when h8t0rs try to tear down a person's hard work and accomplishments.'

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "h8t0r"

h8t0r :

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