Definition & Meaning of "H8ER"

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h8er :

Usage of H8ER

The slang term 'H8ER' is an abbreviation for 'hater.' In the context of social media and texting, it refers to someone who expresses negative or jealous feelings towards a person or group. Haters often criticize, mock, or belittle others for reasons that are often unfounded or unjust. The term hater is widely used in pop culture and has become a popular way for individuals to refer to those who dislike or have a negative opinion about them.

Examples of H8ER used in texting:

1. I can't believe this H8ER is trying to bring me down.
2. Don't pay attention to the h8ers. They're just jealous of your success.
3. I'm not going to let the H8ER's comments get to me anymore.

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h8er :

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