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h80r :

Usage of H80R

The abbreviation H80R is commonly used in texting and chat conversations as an abbreviation for the word 'hater.' A hater is someone who dislikes or criticizes another person or their ideas, often excessively or unfairly. The term H80R is often used to describe a person who is perpetually negative and seems to take pleasure in bringing others down.

Example of H80R used in texting:
1. "I can't believe Sarah was talking behind my back, she's such an H80R" - Example of H80R used in texting.
2. "Ignore the h80rs, they're just jealous of your success" - Example of H80R used in texting.
3. "I don't have time for this drama, I'm not going to let the h80rs get to me" - Example of H80R used in texting.

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h80r :

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