Definition & Meaning of "H4XRZ"

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h4xrz :

Usage of H4XRZ

The slang abbreviation H4XRZ is an alternative spelling for the word 'hackers'. It is commonly used by young people and individuals who frequently communicate or engage with the online community. The '4' in H4XRZ serves as a substitution for the letter 'a' and is a common practice in online communication.

Examples of H4XRZ used in texting:
1) Hey, have you heard about those H4XRZ who hacked into the government website?
2) I'm worried about my online security, I heard H4XRZ are getting better at stealing personal information.
3) Those H4XRZ really know how to manipulate technology, it's amazing and scary at the same time.

(Note: The third example may be interpreted as a positive or negative statement depending on the context.)

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h4xrz :

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