Definition & Meaning of "H4KZ0R5"

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h4kz0r5 :

Usage of H4KZ0R5

The term H4KZ0R5 is a slang way of referring to hackers. The word is derived from leetspeak, an alternative alphabet commonly used in online communication. The use of H4KZ0R5 is often associated with the world of hacking, and it can be used to describe computer criminals who use their skills to break into computer systems or networks.

Examples of H4KZ0R5 used in texting:
1. Hey, have you heard about the H4KZ0R5 who broke into the bank's database? (Example of H4KZ0R5 used in a conversation about hacking)
2. My friend thinks he's a H4KZ0R5 because he installed a mod in his game. (Example of H4KZ0R5 used ironically)
3. I'm worried that my laptop has been hacked by some H4KZ0R5, how can I protect myself? (Example of H4KZ0R5 used to express concern about computer security)

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "h4kz0r5"

h4kz0r5 :

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