Definition & Meaning of "GMFAO"

What does gmfao mean? View the definition of gmfao and all related slang terms containing gmfao below:

gmfao :
Giggling My f**king Ass Off

Usage of GMFAO

The abbreviation GMFAO is a relatively vulgar abbreviation that stands for 'Giggling My f**king Ass Off'. It is typically used to express an extreme level of amusement or laughter in a conversation, often in response to a joke, humorous situation, or witty remark. This abbreviation includes strong language and should be used with caution and only in appropriate contexts.

Example of GMFAO used in texting:
1. Friend 1: "Why was the math book sad?" Friend 2: "I don't know, why?" Friend 1: "Because it had too many problems." Friend 2: "GMFAO that one never gets old!"
2. Person 1: "I just saw a squirrel water skiing on Instagram." Person 2: "GMFAO! What will they think of next?"
3. Friend 1: "I accidentally wore mismatched shoes to work today." Friend 2: "GMFAO, at least you're starting a new trend!"

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "gmfao"

gmfao :
Giggling My f**king Ass Off

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