Definition & Meaning of "G2GPC"

What does g2gpc mean? View the definition of g2gpc and all related slang terms containing g2gpc below:

g2gpc :
got 2 go parents coming

Usage of G2GPC

The abbreviation G2GPC stands for "got 2 go parents coming." It is commonly used in texting to quickly and easily convey to the recipient that the sender needs to end the conversation or activity they are currently engaged in because their parents are coming or have arrived. This can be particularly useful for teenagers who may need to quickly switch from texting with their friends to appearing busy or productive when their parents walk into the room.

Example of G2GPC used in texting:
1. Hey, sorry to cut this short but G2GPC. I'll talk to you later!
2. Can't hang out tonight, G2GPC. Catch you tomorrow?
3. Just wanted to say hi! Gotta run though, G2GPC.

Slang Terms & Acronyms containing "g2gpc"

g2gpc :
got 2 go parents coming

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